Ayami Nishimura by Rankin

Ayami Nishimura by Rankin


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As part of his unique series of beauty books, also including Alex Box and Caroline Saulnier, photographer Rankin and makeup artist Ayami Nishimura present a revolutionary collection of beauty portraits. Ayami Nishimura is a beauty book unlike any other. Highlighting the talents of two forward thinkers, it moves beyond mere beauty photography into the realm of high art.

Ayami Nishimura has made a name for herself transforming high profile clients. She has worked with some of the best-known celebrities, and her work has appeared in the pages of illustrious fashion magazines all over the world. Here, Ayami presents her most directional work yet. Given free reign to express herself, her elaborate and whimsical creations open a window into a fantasy world. Her vivid imagination transforms models into sculptures: mythical, jewel-encrusted creations of rainbow and gold.

Rankin has captured Ayami’s highly conceptual work, realising her visions in a glistening dreamscape. Together Rankin and Ayami Nishimura have produced a stunning book that showcases two incredibly talented artists at their absolute best



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