Caroline Saulnier by Rankin

Caroline Saulnier by Rankin


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Photographer Rankin and makeup artist Caroline Saulnier, two of the most respected practitioners of their respective professions, have come together to create a beauty book of unprecedented artistry. As part of Rankin’s unique series of three beauty books, also including Alex Box and Ayami Nishimura, this special collaboration showcases the talent and strong aesthetic styles of both artists in a series of sensual, visually compelling images.

In the last 25 years, Caroline Saulnier has developed from technical excellence to conceptual visionary, working as successfully on editorial as on commercial campaigns. Saulnier’s style is classical and avant-garde, in equal measure; she experiments with unusual texture and bold pigment to create amazing works of art. Her work draws on the unique features and imperfections of her models as inspiration. It also explores the darkness and light in her own personality, a therapeutic exploration of self that never fails to produce fascinating results.

Saulnier’s astonishing work is captured by Rankin. The two have a long- standing working relationship, and Rankin’s individual style is instantly recognisable in the portraits. Rankin and Caroline have joined forces to explore the strength and sensuality that fascinates them, each utilizing their talents to give depth to the work of the other. The result of their collaboration and connection is a book that is not only an example of fashion photography and makeup artistry at their finest, but also a stunning work of art.



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