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  • The Makeup Light Key Light Gel Pack

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This gel pack is a collection of “light modifiers” that modify the light output of the Key Light.  These gels will allow you to adapt to these other occasions so that the makeup application can be done under the closest matching lighting conditions. Included in the “Beauty” Gel Pack are five gels named by how they modify the light output of the Key Light.   “1/4 C.T.B.” (colour temperature blue) “cools” the light output of the Key Light.  For example, to match the “blue-sky” light in shaded areas or on cloudy days.   “1/4 C.T.O.” (Colour Temperature Orange) “warms” the light output of the Key Light.  This gel will help to match the warmth of late-day sunset, or indoor lighting (tungsten and warm florescent bulbs).   “Straw” This gel also “warms” the Key Light output, but is closer to yellow compared to the orange / amber of the C.T.O. gel.   “Primary Red” will modify the Key Light output to a pure red color.  The red gel is useful for application and previewing makeups that will appear near “fire” light or in “late night” scenery such as, bars and clubs, traffic lights, brake lights etc….   “N.D.3” (Neutral Density 3) Is a light modifier that will dim the Key Light, but will not change the daylight balance of the Key Light.  This gel is important for video use with the Key Light, when its power level must be at maximum to prevent LED flickering during filming.  The “ND 3” gel is also good to have around in case you forget your key light dimmer switch and need to dim the light. Each gel has a set of velcro discs that allow attachment to the key light, as well as for stacking upon one another.  

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